Thomas J Salzano: What are the Benefits of Olympic Styles of Wrestling

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Wrestling in the Olympics is a great milestone achievement, which is what Thomas J Salzano, a professional wrestler, feels about wrestling being introduced in the Olympics. After wrestling became a part of the Olympic Games there is a constant rise in the number of wrestlers working hard to participate in Olympic wrestling. It has become a new benchmark that the wrestler wants to achieve and great history by winning a medal for their country in wrestling in the Olympic games.

Not only this, but the Olympic style of wrestling is also gaining popularity among wrestlers that pay more attention to learning and practise the “Olympic Styles of Wrestling.” For the aspiring wrestlers the “Freestyle and Greco-Roman Olympic styles” wrestling is highly recommended by professionals like Thomas J Salzano to start their practice with.

Learning and practising the complexities of the Greco-Roman and the freestyle wrestling styles provides numerous new and challenging opportunities, with benefits that you as an aspiring wrestler may not be aware of.

Thomas Salzano - Olympic Styles of Wrestling

With the intention of sharing valuable information, here are some benefits of Olympic styles of wrestling shared by Thomas J Salzano that will help you explore the game if your interest:

  1. Opting for out of session training will lead to greater success in the scholastic season. If you continue to work on skills, competing, and training you will definitely grow as a wrestler.
  2. Learning and practising how to hand fight and throw in the Greco-Roman style of wrestling will make you a more dangerous folkstyle competitor. Whereas learning and practising the mat awareness and tilt positions in freestyle will make you a better folkstyle wrestler.
  3. Both the wrestling styles, freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, teach some techniques that are only used in these two styles like the skills learned transfer, the body awareness learned transfers, and strength gained transfers.
  4. The Olympic styles of wrestling contribute to mental skill development.
  5. The mat strategies skill used in Greco-Roman and folkstyle is extremely helpful for folkstyle.
  6. When you master the Olympic forms of wrestling, you can understand and communicate well with the fellow wrestlers. As an athlete, you need to have a friendly nature that helps you to learn and grow in your field and good knowledge about the sports helps you start the conversation and engage with people and other wrestlers around you.
Thomas Salzano - Olympic Styles of Wrestling

There are many other benefits of the Olympic Style of wrestling like this profession allows you to travel, meet new people, explore and engage in health-related activities and events etc. Thomas N Salzano says, any sports played on a regular basis is a benefit in itself as you are physically active that contributes towards thoughts of health benefits that you might not be aware of.

On the other hand, the exposure that you get is another important benefit that almost all the athletes get in their journey to becoming the best. So keep embracing the new styles of wrestling in the Olympics, as it’s a benchmark for all the wrestlers to participate and win.

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