Thomas J Salzano: Required Wrestling Equipment

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For a professional game like wrestling specific equipment is required and it’s important for the aspiring wrestlers to know about this equipment, practice with them to avoid serious injuries and accidents, says Thomas J Salzano a professional trainer.

It is said that your safety is in your hands. You can imply the same in sports as well. If you follow the safety rules and use the safety equipment, you automatically reduce your chances of getting injured during the game.

Thomas J Salzano wrestling

Equipment is basically protective gear that reduces the chances of injuries and that is why having the right sports equipment is important. For all those aspiring wrestlers, Thomas has shared the list of required wrestling equipment necessary for the game and even at the time of practice sessions.

Wrestling Shoes

Shoes are important for wrestling like any other sports. Your wrestling shoes should be lightweight and soft. As a wrestler, it is important that you feel light during the watch that is why light weighted shoes are preferred. It is recommended if you play for long hours.

Wrestling Bands

There are generally two types of bands i.e. green and red for the match. These bands make it easy for the referee to identify the team while scoring. The wrestling bands are therefore necessary 


Mouthguards are important to protect as they are used as a protection of your teeth during the match. The mouthguards are like braces that the wrestler has to wear inside of his/her mouth.


Wrestling Knee Pads

Mostly the wrestlers get injuries in their knees so for the protection of the wrestler’s knees a wrestling knee pad is important. Mainly during the shooting process, most of the wrestlers get hurt on their knees. 

Wrestling Singlet

It’s a one-piece garment that covers the torso of the wrestler. The singlet is made of nylon and lycra. This is mandatory to wear if you are participating in the wrestling tournaments. Make sure you wear a singlet of a single color. Protection of the shoulders is also important so for that straps are provided over the singlet. 

Wrestling Headgear

Wrestling headgear is compulsory if you are participating in the high-level matches where the chances for getting more physical are high. The headgear basically protects your ears as a wrestler may suffer from “cauliflower ear” which occurs when someone gets repeated hits to the ear. Earlier when there was nothing like headgear for the wrestlers, maximum of them have cauliflower ears(damaged shape and structure of the outside of the ear). 

Wrestling Mat

Last but not least is the wrestling mat which is the primary equipment required in the game. There are different types of versions of the wrestling mat such as the high-school mats, practice mats, and international mats.

The above-mentioned list of equipment is important for your protection and for abiding by the rules of the game. Wrestlers play with full enthusiasm and at times this turns into a more physical game where the chances of injuries doubles. Just to avoid such a situation the authorities have made some rules that include the necessary equipment for the game.

Thomas Salzano says if you respect the game you will have no issues with abiding by the rules of the game. Play the game with full honestly to set a great example for the rest and make everyone around you proud of you says Thomas J Salzano a professional trainer and a wrestler.

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