Thomas J Salzano: List of Things That the Wrestlers are Not Allowed to Do While They are Working for WWE

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WWE has gained a lot of popularity in the past couple of years, motivating many youngsters to make a career in the same field, says Thomas J Salzano, a professional wrestler. But before you enter the new and exciting world of wrestling, you must know a couple of things.

In this article, Thomas J Salzano has shared the list of things that you as a wrestler are not allowed to do while you are working for WWE:

Thomas Salzano - WWE World Heavyweight Championship triple h
  • You are not allowed to undergo any kind of surgery without informing and taking WWE’S permission
  • You are not allowed to talk about WWE openly on any social platform
  • You can’t be arrested. This means no criminal records are entertained.
  • You can not change our travel plans. You have to strictly follow the WWE’s schedule
  • A medical check-up is a must from the WWE doctors. Without clearing the medical test that is marked clearly by the WWE doctors you can not wrestle
  • You can not attend any outside event without the permission of WWE
  • It will sound a bit strange, but the WWE wrestlers are not allowed to stay home for Christmas.
  • Wrestlers are not allowed to work for another company. In any case, if the wrestler wants to work with some other company he/she requires permission from the WWE authorities
  • You can not tweet anything about the company without asking for permission to do so
Thomas Salzano - WWE World Heavyweight triple h

These are some basic restrictions of the WWE wrestlers that you need to follow strictly. Thomas J Salzano says all these restrictions are for the wrestler’s benefit and not all don’t are mentioned in this article.

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