Thomas J Salzano: Interval Cardiovascular Training Tips for Wrestlers

Stamina is a must especially when we talk about sports like Wrestling, says Thomas J Salzano a professional trainer. Endurance is extremely important for wrestlers as the sport is based around grappling. 

As a wrestler, you must have a high level of anaerobic as well as aerobic capacity. On the other hand, a wrestler must have a strong cardiovascular base for maximum effectiveness. 

Here are some important tips shared by Thomas J Salzano that will help in cardiovascular training:


  1. As a wrestler, you need to focus upon both: short-term bursts and long-term bursts when completing your cardio.
  2. Running is the basic initiative in a cardiovascular building program.
  3. Warm-up exercises help to bring oxygen and blood to the lungs and lower body, so always do 15-25 min warm-up exercises before your training.
  4. Start stationary biking, pedal for at least seconds “all-out” and then pedal lightly for 15 complete intervals.
  5. Sprint for ten yards, walk ten yards. Sprint for 20 yards and walk for ten yards, keep repeating this for ten intervals until you have maxed out at your final hundred-yard spring.

The basic exercises are the ones that help in building breathing stamina, followed by some breathing exercises to keep your lungs healthy, says Thomas Salzano. You may not realize it in the initial stage but your body adapts quickly to the training schedule. It is advisable that each time you train a little harder using interval cardio training so that your body shows the stamina gains instead of being used to the training schedule.

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