Thomas J Salzano: History and Facts of Women’s Wrestling

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Women wrestling has become a popular sport that has inspired many young girls to step into the world of wrestling, says Thomas J Salzano a professional wrestler. Earlier when women wrestling was not a popular sport people in countries like India hesitated to send their girls out to practice wrestling. But today the scenario has completely changed, women wrestling has become an international sport with an increasing percentage of participation.

The fact that women wrestling is a well-recognized sport now is known by all but “How did women wrestling evolve is something that only a few know.” With the intention of sharing some valuable insights about women wrestling here is a brief history shared by Thomas J Salzano that will help you connect with the sport.

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Brief History of Women’s Wrestling

It was back in the 1980s when women’s wrestling actually came into the picture. The famous women wrestler “Mary Lillian Ellison” better known as “The Fabulous Moolah” became the first woman to win the WWF Women’s Championship. She actually brought women’s wrestling into the limelight and made wrestling popular back in the 1980s.

Until women wrestling became a part of the Olympic games, wrestling events like WWE was a popular event that attracted the audience. Although there were many local wrestling events held for women before the Olympics it was WWE that gave women wrestlers the recognition and a correct direction to their profession.

It was in the year 2004 when women’s wrestling made its first appearance in the Olympic games and “Irina Merleni 9UKR) won the first-ever women’s wrestling Olympic gold medal.

Since then there has been no looking back and women wrestlers from all over the world can be seen participating in wrestling events all across the world.

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Facts about Women’s Wrestling:

  • Wrestling is considered one of the oldest sports as the cave drawings dating back to 3,000 B.C. depicts the sport.
  • Women’s wrestling is now being introduced in schools and colleges giving the young generation a chance to step into the world of wrestling with professional guidance and training.
  • Since the year 2004, women’s wrestling has been a recognized Olympic sport.
  • The NAIA added Women’s wrestling as an invitational sport in the year 2018. The first NAIA women’s wrestling Invitational championship in March 2019.

Women’s wrestling has a bright future as women of today are creating history by their contribution towards the game says Thomas J Salzano. Women wrestlers are now an inspiration for many and their journey as a wrestler is itself a story that is a perfect example of hard work and dedication.