Thomas J Salzano: Common Injuries in Sports Like Wrestling

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“To be aware of the risk involved and to evaluate your preparation accordingly is a great strategy as a wrestler,” says Thomas Salzano, a professional wrestler and a sports blogger.

Being aware makes you prepared beforehand of the worst of the situation, so always look at both sides of the coins. This means you as a wrestler should research well to be prepared to minimize the risk of any severe injury during the match.

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Here are a few common but severe injuries wrestling injuries share by Thomas J Salzano to be considered by the aspiring wrestler before they start with their preparations and the ways to minimize the risk:

  • Head and Face Injury

The head and face injury are common among the wrestlers but can get severe at times. The cauliflower ears are one common example of the face and head injury.

 For precaution and safety wearing a headgear with a frontal pad is a must. To avoid tooth and tongue injuries, a mouthguard is a must.

  • Prepatellar Bursitis

It is a kind of knee injury when the inflammation of the bursa(sac) located in the front of the kneecap happens. If in case prepatellar bursitis has developed it can be treated with anti-inflammatory medication such as ice, bed rest or ibuprofen. 

  • Ligament Injuries

Knee ligament injury is another common injury that generally occurs due to leg twisting. These minor injuries if not taken proper care of can result in surgical interventions.

Your flexibility as a wrestler, maintaining strength of the quadriceps & hamstrings can prevent major degree of ligament tear.

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  • Skin Infections

Wrestlers mostly face problems related to skin infection that is caused by many reasons like sweating, wrestling equipment, moisture on the mat, etc. Most common skin infections among wrestlers are ringworm, impetigo, and being herpes simplex.

Wearing clean clothes and an immediate bath after the match with any antibacterial liquid can prevent such skin infections. 

Accidents can happen any time, and a simple ligament injury can turn out to be a major fracture putting the wrestler on bed rest. Although the rules of the game makes the chances of major injuries minimal, there is always a risk. Thomas J Salzano suggests paying extra attention to your safety gears for your safety and your competitor’s safety.

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