Thomas J Salzano: Challenges Faced as a Wrestler

Wrestling is among the popular sports, inspiring the youth to choose wrestling as a career, says Thomas J Salzano a professional wrestler. The growing popularity of wrestling has given a lot of opportunities and perks like sponsorships and commercial ads, as an extra channel of earning and recognition.

Interviews and live coverage of sports events like wrestling, and constant limelight on the top players have made the world of sports more entertaining and made the players popular.

But there are always more to the story, with so many growing opportunities there are a number of challenges that you need to face as a wrestler.

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In this article you will read about the challenges faced as a wrestler shared by Thomas J Salzano:

  • A wrestler has a certain amount of time to defeat his/her opponent using endurance, strength, technique, mental strategy, and pure willpower. The challenge here is that there are no timeouts, no substitutions, no ties, and in the end no excuse for your defense.
  • The biggest challenge as a wrestler, especially aspiring wrestlers, is to follow a strict training regimen. The daily practices consist of building strength, lots of drilling, conditioning, and live wrestling.
  • Injuries are another challenging factor that affects the training sessions and the final match of a wrestler. The uncertainty of injuries is a challenging factor that can only be minimized but not avoided.
  • Each wrestler competes in a specific weight class, and for each match, the wrestler must be at or below their weight class to participate in the competition. The challenge here is to maintain that weight as a fraction of a pound over the limit can result in the wrestler not being able to compete.
  • Any medical condition can permanently make you lose the opportunity to become a wrestler. A wrestler with health issues won’t be allowed to participate and be a part of the sport. You can count this as a challenge or even as a drawback. 

The other challenging factors that you as a wrestler may have to face are: 

  • Pressure to make weight: at a time when you weigh less than your weight category, there is a constant pressure to gain weight in a specific period of time.
  • Declining College Scholarships: There are many aspiring wrestlers who have managed to earn a scholarship to support their studies and career as a wrestler. But these scholarships come with many terms and conditions. The challenge here is to match up with the terms & conditions as there is a risk of losing the scholarship.
  • Injuries a lifetime/ partial challenge: The common injuries involved in wrestling like hand, wrist, finger injuries, arm, elbow & shoulder injuries, knee & ankle injuries, truck injuries, head, neck, face, eye, mouth injuries, ear injuries, etc can at times turn out to be an injury for life.

Thomas J Salzano feels that for each wrestler the definition of challenges can be different. As some can easily cope-up with these challenges with their experience and training whereas some find it difficult. The uncertainty of injuries and the challenge to recover from that injury to be able to participate again is one major challenge that has no time estimation.

Precaution is the best measure for such situations, but as an aspiring wrestler, the biggest challenge is the ability to accept your shortcomings.

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