Thomas J Salzano: Benefits of Wrestling

There is a lot to learn as a sportsperson, says Thomas J Salzano, a professional wrestler. From health benefits to a positive change in behavior there is a long list of learning’s and benefits of sports in one’s life. You get a chance to explore your abilities and embed the values like tolerance, power, and sportsmanship in your life.

Thomas J Salzano wrestling

Thomas says that there are plenty of benefits awarded to a sportsperson who dedicate themselves to sports. With the intention to share the right information with respect to the benefits of sports like Wrestling in your life. Here are some points shared by Thomas Salzano that will make you feel good about wrestling:

Personal Growth and Development

One of the common lessons taught to every sportsperson including a wrestler is establishing and reinforcing the positive personality traits and characteristics.


Yet another benefit of wrestling is that you master the discipline both in personal as well as professional life. From waking up before the sun rises, followed by the early morning runs, etc. is something every wrestler has done. The work ethic learned during your wrestling training sessions adds value to your life.

Mental Toughness

We all know that wrestling is a tough game that requires both physical and mental strength. The game demands high mental strength as winning and losing is a part of the sport especially when you are physically injured during the match and you need to pull yourself up to fight back.

Physical Fitness

No doubt that a sportsperson is physically fit as he/she invests all his/her life to stay fit to participate in the game. You need to work on improving balance, strength, reflexes, agility, and endurance as a wrestler. As a fact a wrestler’s physique is reinforced by the body fat and the hydration tests that are enforced at the school and college level. 


Wrestlers are well trained for self-defense. Wrestling teaches the basic skills of defense like how to protect yourself in the event of a physical altercation. From body positioning, toughness, how to defend yourself against different types of attacks, and how to control an opponent are all part of wrestling training.


Logical Thinking

It is said that if you are a sportsperson you have a better decision making power. You as a wrestler need to make quick decisions related to your technique while playing the match. These traits of thinking logically are part of your game that stays with you forever.

These are some benefits of wrestling that will stay with you throughout your life. The lessons learned during wrestling training can be translated into nearly any endeavor, says Thomas N Salzano. As a wrestler there are many benefits that may not be listed-above but have added value to your life. Wrestling needs both physical and mental power and for that you keep working on both throughout the journey as a wrestler which is why you enjoy all the benefits of physical fitness as well as mental fitness.

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